[nSLUG] Need expert advice how to approach Debian project

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Sun Feb 2 08:14:59 AST 2014

On 01/02/14 11:38 PM, Oliver Doepner wrote:
> The software I am interested in is related to this device by
> manufacturer Excito (Sweden): http://download.excito.net
> /web/BubbaTwoManual
> It is a very nice and compact fanless home server that runs a
> slightly modified Debian system on a powerpc (bubba2) or armel
> (bubba3) board. I own a bubba2 and use it as print and file server
> for our family.
> The good thing is that Excito has published the source code for all
> their modified / customized Debian packages here (thanks to GPL
> requirements, I guess): https://github.com/Excito/
> Now I am wondering how that source code can be fed back to the upstream
> Debian maintainers in a way that meets Debian rules and standards and
> has a chance to be accepted. I am also wondering how much of Excito's
> are actually still necessary. This will require a very careful review
> process.

I guess this would mostly be of interest to those who already support
those two ports. Perhaps you could gauge interest on their respective
mailing lists:


As for the more general things, it is good for anyone wishing to be
involved to check out this:


As for which software is strictly necessary, and what are the chances of
it getting into Debian, I guess the biggest issue is the kernel. Their
kernel tree is very old, and Debian Jessie (next Debian release, which
you would be targeting) is far ahead of that. Provided everything needed
to boot the machine is already accepted upstream, you should be good to
go. Otherwise, you should see what is still missing upstream and work
with the Excito community to get it accepted, otherwise, I doubt if the
Debian kernel team will be interested.

Similarly, you should take a critical look at any other
"infrastructural" packages. If the patches are essential to make the
software work at all on this platform and aren't yet accepted upstream,
you should work to have those patches accepted by their respective
upstreams as your very first step.


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