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Why  not just take the original and run it through a BASIC interpreter?

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Back in the days of DEC, we played an ASCII game
called trek.  I recently remembered it.  I found
trek exists within bsdgames collection on Debian.
However it is changed.  The man page isn't useful, help
commands don't seem to work, and guessing isn't filling
in the blank spots.
The direction of movement (or torpedo fire) used to
be 1 (or maybe 0) for directly right, 2, for the next
45 degree counter-clockwise increment, then 3 for
straight up, etc.  Units of travel distance used to be
warp distance of 1 to move one full sector away,
or fractions of 1 to move within the quadrant.  Now there
are impulse and warp.  When the game begins one
has to choose a game length and this clashes with
many of the warp move commands, complaining
this would take up 300% of the remaining game time
or something similar.  I don't remember that being
a possible error in the past.
Has anyone played the current incarnation of trek and know
where to find some orientation?

There is a project to redo the old 1971 version, which has
been recoded from BASIC to C#.  The project does a 1 to 1
rewrite of the BASIC code, using labels like line numbers
and lots of goto !  As the site says : "the result is some of
the sickest code I’ve ever keyed into a computer"

But of course I'd like something I can run on Linux.
I don't know if there was ever a version which was ncurses
based or similar.  I had written my own trek in TRSDOS
BASIC and it had more of an ncurses type of interface.
(Although the first one I played was on
the PDP timeshare and printed the outputs on paper.)

Anyone out there remember having fun with that game?
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