[nSLUG] Re: Troubleshooting LCP & PAP on a Telus dialup NAS

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Sat Dec 6 04:27:33 AST 2014

Dop wrote:

> Most modems should be able to generate an after-call stats report so you 
> can verify the line quality. USR modems typically give useful information 
> from ATI6, ATI11 and ATY11, for example. If you have a reasonably bler 
> free connection without any retrains, it's pretty definitively not your 
> line quality.

No blers, no retrains, good SNR.  Carried a laptop to a different
number in a different exchange. Same LCP failure.

> http://modemfaq.navasgroup.com/usri6_11.txt has some gory details if you 
> want them.

Good.  Thank you.

Still no satisfaction from Fibernetics.ca (the new NAS provider for
ca.inter.net dialup.)  The login banner shows "Username: Login:"
rather than one or the other. And why does it send that at all if it
expects immediate LCP and PAP after CONNECT?  Jeez, why does the
*user* have to figure this stuff out?

- Mike

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