[nSLUG] Ubuntu Hard Disk Encryption

William Marchant wmarchant at eastlink.ca
Wed Dec 3 09:15:21 AST 2014

Hi All,
When I installed ubuntu 14.04, several months ago, I enabled hard disk 
encryption.  The computer is an old one, and there were some things I 
didn't like about the way the LTS version worked, so I decided to update 
to 14.10.
The install was stopped by a request to enable Microsoft TTFs.  This 
window could not be closed, authorized or bypassed, and after several 
hours of waiting for something to happen, I switched off the machine.
I downloaded a copy of 14.10 and burned it to a DVD on another computer, 
and attempted to install from the DVD.
The BIOS needed changing to permit the boot, but I found that it 
could  not be changed.  The message on the BIOS screen said that drives 
noted in brackets could not be made bootable.  They were all 
bracketed.  I assume the HD encryption system has set the BIOS so that 
the DH cannot be violated by an unauthorised user.

When I try to restart the faulty machine, I am asked for my Disk 
Encryption Password.  That part works, however, I then get a small blank 
window asking me what I want to do.  There is a flashing cursor,  but it 
goes away with any action of the keyboard or mouse, and the computer 
remains locked.

I have  backup of my home directory, so I am not stuck, but I am stuck 
trying to recover the usefulness of the old computer.  Does anyone have 
a suggestion, or better still, a solution?

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