[nSLUG] Need to watch Telnet session

Paul Russell prussellster at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 14:13:05 ADT 2014


I'm looking for a (gasp) Windows or an Ubuntu solution for a bit of a
communication problem that I've got.

I'm working with a company that is developing a custom hardware device that
connects to an IP at port 3100. This is currently in the middle of
development, and I have no idea if it is actually connecting or not.

My role is to write a server to process the data that it sends.

At this point I need to ensure that it's sending data at all.

I figured that some sort of terminal emulation server would work, where I
could see the data that was coming in, live, and then type in some response
data and have that sent back to the device. Unfortunately I haven't found
anything that will do that, and I'm not confident enough in the PHP program
that I've written to take care of this.

Do you know of a program, that runs in either Windows or Ubuntu (I don't
have any other distros set up), that will let me do this?

Any help is appreciated



Paul Russell
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