[nSLUG] Linux distro help

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Wed Aug 13 03:08:34 ADT 2014

Trina wrote:

> I have inherited a Toshiba Satellite 2410 (PS241C-2DCTXP) laptop with the
> following specs"
> Hard drive - 40GB
> Memory - 512MB
> Processor - 1.79GHz
> The main use I would have is internet usage, email, Facebook, google
> searches, listening to music, seeing pictures and playing videos.   This is
> going to be a secondary laptop for my repair shoo so that I can stop
> lugging my main laptop back and forth.

By my standards, that's plenty of gumpties [1] for Slackware with
a light-weight window manager instead of the KDE desktop.

I do all of those things (excepting Facebook) in my desktop Pentium 4
with 512M RAM.  The CPU (according to lshw) is 2.4 GHz but I haven't
seen a "Your CPU is too slow to play movies" message from MPlayer
since the Pentium II. Without the KDE desktop, 40 GB of HD is a vast
space unless you want to save lots of video. Bach's 6 Cello Suite
pieces plus all the Brandeburg concerti are only 2.6 GB.

And if you use the approve-each-package installation option,
there's a few GB of stuff in the "full install" pkg that you don't
need cluttering your HD -- Japanese language bits, TeX, Common Lisp,
kernel source and developer tools -- for your purposes.

- Mike

[1] Technical term for generalized aggregated performance resources
    (GAPR). ;-)

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