[nSLUG] Linux distro help

TimJ tjllml at timweb.ca
Tue Aug 12 16:03:30 ADT 2014

I successfully ran Slackware 13.37 on less hardware than that. The key for
me was to fine-tune the zram-swap to keep swapping to the HD at a minimum.
It's not going to be a speed deamon, but it does make a full desktop
functional, one task at a time :)


> Hello all,
> I have inherited a Toshiba Satellite 2410 (PS241C-2DCTXP) laptop with the
> following specs"
> Hard drive - 40GB
> Memory - 512MB
> Processor - 1.79GHz
> I am looking for a version of Linux that will run on this laptop.  Any and
> all suggestions are more than welcomed.
> Thanks,
> Trina
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