[nSLUG] Mon April 7 - tech talks @ Dal

Mike Doherty mike at mikedoherty.ca
Tue Apr 1 11:54:09 ADT 2014

Hi everyone,

This month is a technical event. While we'll be at Dal, we have a
different room booked. We'll be in room 211 -- that's a boardroom next
to the learning centre on the 2nd floor of the CS building. I should be
able to put signs up beforehand so you're directed to the correct location.

This past Thursday, I spoke at the Atlantic Security Conference, and I'm
prepared to give the same talk again on Monday if that's of interest.
The title is "Legal issues in computer security research" but the
alternate title gives you a better flavour: "How not to get busted for
hacking as a computer security researcher". It isn't strictly a
technical talk, but I hope it interests you.

Otherwise, I welcome volunteers from the group. I know people were
interested in learning about regular expressions, and some more command
line stuff. Or, if you'd like to talk about a particular topic, feel
free to prepare whatever you'd like. As a reminder, these don't have to
be long, and they don't have to be formal. In fact, we generally prefer
less formal talks, because that lets us have interesting conversations
about whatever the group is most interested in.

I should also add that this will be the last event I'll be able to
organize and attend. I graduate in May, and will be moving away for work
afterwards. If the group wants the technical events to continue, you'll
need to find someone to co-ordinate. I don't know whether/how Dal books
rooms for community groups, so you might also need to find a new venue,
or a new Dal CS student to book on your behalf.


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