[nSLUG] Youtube videos not playing in Chromium help

Monte Stevens montkemp at yahoo.ca
Thu Oct 31 14:30:06 ADT 2013

Trina Hanson <trina.hanson79 at gmail.com> writes:

> Thank you for both of the links.  I tired both of them

I'm not sure what you mean by "both of them"; each of the two links I
provided showed how to download the Chrome deb file and install.  Did
you download and install the deb file twice?

> and I went to reddit and the first few youtube links I opened up
> worked.  I was like "Oh thank you Monte" and then I went to r/startrek
> and it started all over again.  This is getting frackin annoying.

Here's what I did just now (Wheezy Debian 32).  Steps 0 through 5 were
for my benefit, to remind myself that an out-of-the-box iceweasel will
not play youtube content.

0. Start iceweasel 17.0.9 (Shockwave Flash 10.1 r999 Gnash 0.8.11dev)
1. Go to reddit.com/r/startrek
2. Find an item with a youtube link
3. Click on youtube link
4. Click the large play triangle button on the video box.
5. Watch the flash please-wait-animation spin forever.  break
6. Install Chrome for 32-bit as per the first of two links in my
   previous reply.
7. Start Chrome 30.01599.114 (Flash 11.9.900.117)
8. repeat steps 2 and 3.
9. Watch at least one second of video to know that it will stream.

If the problem remains, please type `chrome://version' and
`chrome://plugins' in the Chrome address bar and include the text on
that page in your reply.  I don't know how much more help I can give
you, since I don't run a 64 bit system or Mint.  Some other things I can
see from google are Nvidia driver problem, hardware acceleration

Here is the page (I should have linked to in my first reply) which shows
the latest verions of Adobe Flash per OS.  It includes a brief note on
the not-going-to-go-past-11.2-for-GNU/Linux line in the sand.


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