[nSLUG] help!!

Michael Gillie mikegpc at hemmysoft.com
Fri Oct 25 12:09:38 ADT 2013

Hey Folks,

I know some of you guys are good at recycling computers and laptops. 
That's why I come asking for help. :)

I currently have 2 Dell Inspiron 1150 laptops. They are a little older. 
One works, one is not, as it needs parts.

Does anyone have any that are available for parts?

I can't get up there until the 5th of November. I may not be able to get 
there myself, but will send someone in my place.

I really need working keyboards, a hard drive tray, and a couple power 
adapters, but I need a screen that isn't cracked :P.

These units are staying in our home.

I got them at a place I was working several years ago, and refurbished 
them. They were destined for the garbage heap at the time. They both 
worked at one point, but I scavenged and frankesteined them as I went.



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