[nSLUG] Bell Aliant FibreOP and Linux router

Stephen Yorke syorke at gmail.com
Sat Oct 12 10:00:39 ADT 2013

I have been on Eastlink Business for about 5 yrs now. No caps, public
IPs, etc. I have only been down a few times over the 5 yrs and the
longest was for almost a day. They credited me a month of service when
I was down for a day and credited a couple days when down for an hour
or two. I know most would not pay $265 a month for internet but I
depend on it.

When I looked at transferring to FibreOP there is no static IP plan.
Their reps seemed quite lacking with internet terms. I had to tell the
first person what a static IP was. I quickly got the feeling they
are/were a bubblegum internet provider even though they are huge in

If I were you, I would just drop my plan with EastLink to a non-capped
plan. I download/transfer terabytes of data some months, the most being
6TB one month, and would never survive on a capped plan with anyone.

But the above is just my 2 cents from experiences.

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BTW: Bell Aliant has horrible support. They have no idea what they are
doing. Very frustrating. Eastlink, on the other hand, excels with
their support.

D G Teed <donald.teed at gmail.com> wrote:
>I'm running into the Eastlink 250 bandwidth cap with my kids on
>and Skype and Youtube.  Game clients like WOW's 21 GB download doesn't
>either.  So I'm looking at options.
>I'm wondering how Bell Aliant's FibreOP "plays well with others".  I
>that and "Linux" but didn't find much.  One person alluded to their
>filtering out VoIP.  Doesn't seem reasonable nor likely.  Another
>Aliant's router provides its own DHCP for the LAN.   I'd hope that
>be disabled so I can run my own DHCP.  Another question is
>how does it connect and get an IP?  Is it still with PPoE or
>do they just support a DHCP client to get the public facing IP?
>I intend to run a Linux router with some port forwarding on inbound and
>with a dynamic DNS service.
>Are there issues I can expect to see going from Eastlink to FibreOP?
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