[nSLUG] Bell Aliant FibreOP and Linux router

Will Haggerty will at haggerty.co
Sat Oct 12 08:57:23 ADT 2013

Hey there!

My household recently switched to FibreOp and I have been doing some
searching for much the same answers. So far I have come up with a few very
good resources.

The FibreOp infastructure uses VLANs to connect to Bells services. I am
still a bit of a networking newb, but from what I can tell, this is not a
big issue if the router you are using can "tag" the traffic. This link here
is a better descriptor than what I could ever type:

The equipment they will install is different from Eastlink's. The fibre
comes in and connects to an ONT (Optical Network Terminal) this looks like
a router that just has a fibre WAN port. It also has a battery backup unit
(external) for the built-in telephone jack. This then connects to the
ActionTec router that Bell provides. This is the device that actually
requests and receives an external IP. There are people who have found a
suitable replacement and even published alternate firmware for an ASUS
router. This info can be found here:

There is a little more work to do that with Eastlink's services, but in the
forum links there is a lot of information on what others have done. I
myself have not replaced the provided router because I do not have the
right equipment and have not had time to truly play around.


On Sat, Oct 12, 2013 at 8:23 AM, D G Teed <donald.teed at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm running into the Eastlink 250 bandwidth cap with my kids on Minecraft
> and Skype and Youtube.  Game clients like WOW's 21 GB download doesn't
> help either.  So I'm looking at options.
> I'm wondering how Bell Aliant's FibreOP "plays well with others".  I did
> google
> that and "Linux" but didn't find much.  One person alluded to their
> filtering out VoIP.  Doesn't seem reasonable nor likely.  Another mentioned
> Aliant's router provides its own DHCP for the LAN.   I'd hope that could
> be disabled so I can run my own DHCP.  Another question is
> how does it connect and get an IP?  Is it still with PPoE or
> do they just support a DHCP client to get the public facing IP?
> I intend to run a Linux router with some port forwarding on inbound and
> with a dynamic DNS service.
> Are there issues I can expect to see going from Eastlink to FibreOP?
> --Donald
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