[nSLUG] Bell Aliant FibreOP and Linux router

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Sat Oct 12 08:23:32 ADT 2013

I'm running into the Eastlink 250 bandwidth cap with my kids on Minecraft
and Skype and Youtube.  Game clients like WOW's 21 GB download doesn't help
either.  So I'm looking at options.

I'm wondering how Bell Aliant's FibreOP "plays well with others".  I did
that and "Linux" but didn't find much.  One person alluded to their
filtering out VoIP.  Doesn't seem reasonable nor likely.  Another mentioned
Aliant's router provides its own DHCP for the LAN.   I'd hope that could
be disabled so I can run my own DHCP.  Another question is
how does it connect and get an IP?  Is it still with PPoE or
do they just support a DHCP client to get the public facing IP?

I intend to run a Linux router with some port forwarding on inbound and
with a dynamic DNS service.

Are there issues I can expect to see going from Eastlink to FibreOP?

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