[nSLUG] Next technial talk night topics

Mike Doherty doherty at cs.dal.ca
Tue Oct 8 12:19:21 ADT 2013

I'm glad you've enjoyed the new style of event. As I mentioned last
night, I can book the conference room monthly if that's what we want to
do. I'm also looking forward to future presentations -- but I worry that
moving to every month wouldn't be a sustainable pace.

It's only the 2nd event and we're having trouble getting people to
volunteer. If we needed volunteers every month, the shortage would be
even more acute.

In my view, we either stick with alternating event styles each month, or
the NSLUG membership starts volunteering more readily.

To start with, let's see if we have volunteers for the two sessions you


On 13-10-07 08:27 PM, Trina Hanson wrote:
> Hello all,
> After tonight's technical talk, I suggested that we have one next month
> and expand on the talk tonight of the CLI commands, which again I would
> like to thank Corrie Watt for her talk tonight on the entry level CLI
> commands  This talk would be a more in depth look at what the commands
> can do and some more advanced commands one would use as a super user on
> a day to day basis.  Another topic that I would like to see presented is
> scripting for Linux, again starting from basic and working our way up.
> I would like to see the technical talks become a once a month thing, and
> we could also still have the once a month get together at a coffee shop
> for just some one on one /small groups time.
> Cheers,
> Trina
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