[nSLUG] OLEX and Fedora Core 6

Michael Gillie mikegpc at hemmysoft.com
Sun May 19 08:32:14 ADT 2013

Hey folks,

I am employed by a gentleman who works in the marine industry, selling 
radar, plotters, and various other navigational and communications gear 
to fishermen and pleasure sailors.

Anyway, I have run into an issue with a linux-based plotter system known 
as Olex. The current version is based on a specialized install of 
Scientific Linux 6.

The version we are working with installs on Fedora Core 6. In most 
cases, with the current 12V mobile PC we are working with, we run into a 
phase where the computer gets as far as a "USB device error" and 
continues to reboot. The error code is "-71".

IF the install is successful, and the entire OS installs, we run the 
OLEX install package. When that runs, we reboot the system as required. 
Once that is done, we have an odd coloration.

One of the ways we can avoid the coloration issue is installing 
Scientific Linux, and the latest version of OLEX. However, this is 
impossible, as a new Key (based on the HD hardware ID) is required. 
These cost in the vicinity of $5,500. That is why we need a fix.

I'll be in touch with more details later.



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