[nSLUG] Want to borrow: 22-ga wire-wrap tool

Daniel MacKay daniel at bonmot.ca
Thu May 9 19:45:01 ADT 2013


This is a tiny bit off topic but not really - it relates to an extremely exciting big scale project that I'm developing on a Raspberry Pi.  The details of the project will be revealed in the next couple of months.

Part of the project involves wires - hundreds and hundreds of wires.  I've chosen 22-guage quad as the main wire - it's cheap and rugged.

My life would be a lot more fun if I could wire-wrap these wires instead of... some things so unpleasant I'd prefer to not contemplate them.

Neither RAE nor Jentronics has a wire-wrap tool that can do 22-ga; I'd like to try out an inexpensive one, and if the wire-wrap works well, perhaps buy a telco-grade one.

I have the kind of wire-wrap tool (and the wire) that does.. oh.. looks like maybe the super fine 36-ga.

If you have a wire-wrap tool that can do 22-ga (or have a suggestion for a local place that would have a hobbyist-quality (e.g. < $20) one, please drop me a line.


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