[nSLUG] How to save video?

Jack Warkentin jwark at bellaliant.net
Thu May 2 16:16:24 ADT 2013

Hi Daniel

I don't have adobe flash player on my machine (it can be used for 
tracking web usage) so I couldn't view your interview. However, I have 
had some success in the past in finding jpeg's and gif's in the 
following manner. I use seamonkey on my Debian system.

(Note: my prompt string is simply '$ '.)

$ cd ~/.mozilla/seamonkey/k2q9ll38.default/Cache
$ find . -type f -mmin -1
# The _CACHE_* files are binaries, not useful.
$ find . -type f -mmin -2
$ find . -type f -mmin -3
$ find . -type f -mmin -4
$ find . -type f -mmin -5
# Aha, found some candidates.
$ file ./4/C8/4F9E8d01
./4/C8/4F9E8d01: JPEG image data, JFIF standard 1.01
$ mirage ./4/C8/4F9E8d01 & # look at the image
[1] 28141
[1]+  Done                    mirage ./4/C8/4F9E8d01
$ file ./9/31/EA6A9d01
./9/31/EA6A9d01: Macromedia Flash data (compressed), version 9
$ file ./D/B1/4DFAAd01
./D/B1/4DFAAd01: Macromedia Flash data (compressed), version 8
$ file ./7/09/42AF2d01
./7/09/42AF2d01: JPEG image data, EXIF standard
$ file ./0/D5/E44D0d01
./0/D5/E44D0d01: GIF image data, version 89a, 300 x 250

In other words, go to where the web browser stores its cache and then 
look for the most recently changed ordinary files. Once you have found 
the file or files you are interested in, save it to wherever you want 
it. YMMV.

Hope this helps


Daniel AJ Sokolov wrote:
> Hi,
> earlier today (May 1st) I had the honour of being interviewed for CBC NS
> News at 6. Now I would like to save the video for my personal use.
> Would you know how to do that?
> http://www.cbc.ca/player/News/Canada/NS/CBC+News%3A+Nova+Scotia/ID/2382760334/
> I've tried some browser plugins, but they catch the preroll
> advertisement only.
> Daniel AJ

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