[nSLUG] IPAM solutions in open source

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Fri Jun 28 11:15:51 ADT 2013

This is more of an enterprise topic, but there are some
users with knowledge of such on the list, so I thought I'd give
it a crack here.

There are several IPAM solutions out there, but in quick searches I'm
not finding anything which is ready for IPv6 and offers a self
serve option like Netreg offers.  There are discussions on slashdot
and questions on stack exchange from a number of years ago,
but the scene has probably changed with the arrival of IPv6 day
and other milestones.

Are there any good IPAM options people on the list have
seen which we should check out?  We'd like:

- command line interface as an option
- self registration from authenticated users
- IPv6 support
- integration with ISC DHCP and Bind

Our current system is perl + pgsql home made
scripts plus Netreg.  It is very centric to the way
our subnets are currently carved, and would need
a major rewrite for IPv6.  In addition Netreg does not
have IPv6 development, and seems to have stagnated
in development efforts.

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