[nSLUG] Reminder: CryptoPartyHFX is tonight

Mike Doherty doherty at cs.dal.ca
Thu Jun 27 10:31:06 ADT 2013

Hi all,

You might've heard me on CBC radio this morning talking about
CryptoParty[0]. If not, this is your reminder: CryptoParty is tonight at
6:30pm at the Hub on Barrington. Attendance is free, and you should
bring your computer, because it's hands-on.

If you can't come right at 6:30, that's totally fine. We have the space
booked for 2.5h, so even if you come late, there should be plenty of
material left.

We'll be asking for donations to try to offset the Hub's costs in
providing us a space for free.

Hope to see some of you there!


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