[nSLUG] Linux Continues to Rule Supercomputers

Vlado Keselj vlado at cs.dal.ca
Mon Jun 24 12:43:13 ADT 2013

I thought it would be interesting to share this on the email list.


Linux Continues to Rule Supercomputers
ZDNet (06/18/13) Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols

Linux continues to dominate the list of the world's fastest
supercomputers and there is no reason to think that will change
anytime soon.  The latest Top500 supercomputer list reveals that 476
of the fastest machines run some version of Linux, including the top
43 on the list.  The 44th fastest supercomputer, the European Center
for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts box, runs IBM's AIX Unix variant.
Three supercomputers run Windows, with the fastest being the Magic
Cube at the Shanghai Supercomputer Center, at 187th.  The real
surprise is that the Tianhe-2 in China came in with more than twice
the performance of the top-rated system at the end of November 2012,
and did it on Intel chips.  Tianhe-2 had a performance of 33.86
petaflop/s on the Linpack benchmark, and is powered by 32,000 of the
12-core Intel Xeon Ivy Bridge processors, and 48,000 Intel Xeon Phi
co-processors, with a total system power of 17.8 megawatts.  Intel has
not held the top spot since 1997.  More than 80 percent (403) of the
supercomputers use Intel processors.


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