[nSLUG] CryptoParty comes to Halifax

Mike Doherty doherty at cs.dal.ca
Wed Jun 19 13:14:49 ADT 2013

On 13-06-19 11:17 AM, francis picabia wrote:
> I read about a Tor exit node owner being arrested in Austria
> because that was the IP identified accessing child porn.
> Given this, and the recommendation from Tor website
> to not run an exit node from home, are there enough
> exit nodes in existence to make Tor useful?

Running an exit node is a high-risk activity, and I agree that running
an exit node from your home is almost certainly a bad idea. However,
there are other ways to run an exit node, and there appear to be enough
willing to do so that the Tor network functions adequately.

> My initial feeling about Tor is that it may have its applications,
> but for regular folks, this is kind of like wearing a stocking
> over the head or covering up all windows in your home.
> Tor use will have its own appearance to an ISP, which
> can raise the question of why are they bothering to
> disguise their IP and tunnel this traffic.  Most of us don't
> want to look like we are about to rob a bank or hold
> people in a basement dungeon, so we don't go
> for an appearance resembling the type.

These are very interesting questions, and are a subject of active
debate. Tor is designed to look like Firefox communicating over HTTPS
specifically so attackers on the network *can't* tell that it is Tor.
This is important for evading China's firewall. This is an ongoing arms

It also helps for many people to use Tor for their everyday activities.
Using Tor shouldn't be suspicious, so normalizing it is helpful. It also
helps to hide in a crowd, so having enough people using Tor is also


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