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Stephen Yorke syorke at gmail.com
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  Supporting local is good but you ate buying something that was
created/developed in the US, then sent to Asia which actually mass produces
them, then shipped from around the world to retailer's and supplies which
then capitalize yet again...buying local is good if it is produced locally
and sold by a local business with a HQ locally.

I just had a fiberglass oil tank installed here at home by ScotiaFuels
(local) and the tank itself was manufactured here in Nova Scotia by Vilco
in Waverly...now that is supporting local.  I could have saved a few
hundred dollars by getting the tank out of province but didn't.

Not too much is local these days...just because it has a tag that says made
in Canada on it does not mean it is from Canada.

My .02...   :-P

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I've purchased about 15 Pi's from element14, and they are as good as local
(with the exception that you aren't supporting local business)

If they are in stock (supply chains are pretty sorted out by now), you'll
get it very quickly. You can check their stock before ordering.

They overnight with UPS for $8, and since they use the premium UPS service
you don't get hit with BS brokerage fees (I generally despise UPS but in
this situation it's acceptable). Also they carry all sorts of cables,
cases, power supplies, and the adafruit kits as well if you want to
amortize the $8 shipping. The starter kit that comes with a SDcard reader,
GPIO kit, case, etc. is a good deal if you want all that stuff.

That being said, if Jentronics has them, they are awesome folks, so support
local if you can :)

my 0.02


On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 1:14 PM, Matthew FitzGerald-Chamberlain <
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> Hi there,
> Just wondering if anyone knew of any local shops/suppliers which sold
> Raspberry Pi.  I'm looking to buy one, but it seems silly to spend $10+ on
> shipping.
> Thanks!
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> -Matthew FitzGerald-Chamberlain
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