[nSLUG] Fwd: Calling Perl Mongers, Monks and Mooks

Stephen Yorke syorke at gmail.com
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Personally, I went with C/C++...I looked at Perl, Python and others but
when it came down to it. I chose a language based on compilability,
free development UIs, etc...not to mention C is over 25 yrs old if I
remember correctly and is used in pretty much all open source/Linux,
Microsoft, Mac and Android development. =)

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Perl is my favourite language.  It is the closest programming langugae to
something that I would envision as an ideal programming language (although
still far).  I would be happy to chat about it.

A nice writeup about its important principles is:
Natural Language Principles in Perl, by Larry Wall, which can be found at:

I would say that its main strength are regular expressions, and the main
weakness support for object-oriented programming.

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