[nSLUG] Perl, new website and such ...

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Wed Jun 5 08:50:32 ADT 2013

On 05/06/13 07:23 AM, francis picabia wrote:
> mediawiki is not designed as a CMS nor to be secure.

So we noticed.

> NSLUG's website is mainly static isn't it?  Why bother with a
> CMS/wiki at all?  Any wiki seems to be like having
> multiple keys left under multiple welcome mats - the problem
> is, that was not a mistake, that is the spirit of the original design.

The idea was to make it easy for the LUG to add their own content. Now,
that's something we've not yet achieved, but only from a lack of me
encouraging it to happen. :)

Any wiki? I think the way I have Ikiwiki set up right now is reasonable
compromise between "anyone can edit" (as you say, that's the spirit of
the original design) and accountability (ikiwiki account or OpenID
required to edit), and most wikis can be set up this way. Furthermore,
for now I have disabled edits of anything but discussion pages, so that
puts a stop to "spurious" changes being made to pages that matter.

> I'd think the only page needing common updates is
> the monthly meeting time.  This could be handled
> with a .shtml inclusion and a text file containing the meeting
> date and any other announcements.  sftp the text file
> once a month and you're done.

And Ikiwiki could be set up that way, too, with all pages locked down on
the web and only editable via git users with commit rights. I really
think I've struck the best possible compromise between enabling the
group to participate in the development of the site and making it
reasonably secure by default (or at least trivial for me to fix, should
I find the current settings are suboptimal).

Anyway, this ship has sailed. We're on Ikiwiki now, for better or worse.
But thanks for your comments.


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