[nSLUG] Re: Fwd: Calling Perl Mongers, Monks and Mooks

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Wed Jun 5 03:35:13 ADT 2013

Mike Doherty wrote:

> Perl is in many ways ugly, but...

When I first looked at perl, I thought, "Here's a language that will
unite C, Lisp and awk hackers alike in a two-minute hate." :-)

I got into it because, circa '94 I installed perl on DOS, then got
Jeffrey Friedl's transgif script.  It failed.  Perl 4 came with a long
text file manual so I just started reading it and, just before my
head exploded, fixed transgif to work in DOS.

Since then, I haven't come to love perl. In fact, it irritates me.
But I really *really* like its regular expressions capability and use
it often where regex works wonders. Back in DOS days, I used awk for
all kinds of stuff. Perl is an improvement. [1]

The other thing I find it real handy for is opening an INET socket on
a web/mail/whatever site to (pre)process incoming data with regular
espressions. Seemed way easier that getting everything right with C's
socket(2) and related calls.  Of course, some *real* perl hacker wrote
the IO::Socket package. 

Joshua B wrote:

> ...actually I think I just want to play with perl for perl's sake.
> I'm never going to be a "real" programmer.

Yeah. Same.

- M

[1] E.g., how do you reliably distinguish a dotted quad address from
    look-alikes?  With perl's lookahead regex feature.

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