[nSLUG] Perl, new website and such ...

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Tue Jun 4 18:25:41 ADT 2013

Speaking of Perl, the reason we ran out of disk space, bringing the
mailing list down, was the Innodb database file for the broken Mediawiki
that ran our site grew to engulf the entire disk (30G of the 39G we have
on our VPS slice!) Since I knew that was full of mostly spam, and we
have an older, clean dump of the database anyway, for the small amount
of good material we could salvage from it, I just threw out mysql and
mediawiki entirely. In place of that is a stub page built from Ikiwiki
(that's where the Perl comes in).

Prepared to be underwhelmed. Here's the site so far ...


Now, I never did want to be the person who "owns" this project, which is
why I put it off for so long, so I'm looking for one or more apprentices
interested in its care and feeding. We need to give the site some actual
content (the old database could be a starting point for that, or else we
could just start over from scratch). Give me a shout if this kind of
work interests you.


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