[nSLUG] Fwd: Calling Perl Mongers, Monks and Mooks

Joshua B. joshua at bearsend.ca
Tue Jun 4 15:03:31 ADT 2013

Haha thanks for the advice (and reverse-psych encouragement).  I've
been told the similar things.  One friend who has a phd in CS refused
to even look at my perl projects or help me with anything unless I
agreed to learn python.  Probably if I wanted to become a real
programmer I'd follow the wise and prudent advice of my betters.  But
actually I think I just want to play with perl for perl's sake.  I'm
never going to be a "real" programmer.

My favourite project right now  ("Master and Command-liner" --- a
napoleonic nautical warfare game)  is prompting me to learn about OOP;
the temptation to try python has crept back a few times. But I don't
think I'll bite.  Just as I was about to despair of figuring out
objects, someone told me to look up Moose and "Modern Perl"  ---
giving me a new hope.  I haven't had the nerve to start yet but I

I think the perl culture, Larry Wall,  the monks and commands like
"bless" and "unless" that will keep me  on this path despite sage
advice to abandon it.  And it's probably my desire for more contact
with culture that prompted my email to this list.

Thank you for all the responses so far!

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