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George N. White III gnwiii at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 09:34:56 ADT 2013

I'm finding that no single distro has working versions of all the (mainly
computational) tools I need, but so far I've been able to get what I need
using virtual machines hosted on some "stable/robust" distro.   NASA builds
the software I use on Ubuntu 12.04 (LTS), so I started with that as my main
desktop OS, but later a bug in gcc forced an upgrade to 12.10 which has
been working well.

At present I'm using VirtualBox and two main clients: Lubuntu 13.04
(working sound, but very limited list of display resolutions) and Fedora 18
(supports full screen at 1650x1080, and I've been working on some software
that currently fails tests on anything but RHEL ).

I generally build software on the host and then run it (using a shared
folder) on clients.  When someone encounters problems in some other linux
distro it is generally pretty easy to add another VM to investigate.   This
works for me because the apps I use are computationally intensive and have
relatively simple graphics, but now there are efforts to move computations
into the GPU and I will have to rethink this approach (and find the money
for a high-end GPU).

On Wed, Jul 24, 2013 at 9:33 AM, David Potter <dlpotter at eastlink.ca> wrote:

> After a year without audio from my Gigabyte A75-UD4H mainboard I read that
> recent work on audio drivers had been included in the recent kernel.
> I'm now running... 3.8.0-26-generic #38-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jun 17 21:43:33 UTC
> 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
> and I have audio!
> And some other interesting 'features'... ;-)
> (in no particular order...)
> - in most applications, and at most times the 'close, minimize, full
> screen/resize' buttons do not work. I often have to use the application
> File->Close menu item. This is not always the case but I haven't yet
> identified a pattern.
> - 'Document Viewer 3.6.1' - - - File Save Generates Errors
>     - The file could not be saved as “
> file:///home/user/Documents/Data/0-Real%20Estate/0a-Sellers/Documents/Lawrencetown_LUB%20(4).pdf”"Error setting extended attribute 'xdg.referrer.url': Operation not
> supported"
>         (curiously enough, the file is saved properly...
>     - Same application trying to create a (sub) folder fails if the path
> includes a symbolic link...? The 'same' Browsing/Folder Creation process
> using the 'Files 3.6.3' Application succeeds, apparently is not bothered by
> same problem...? I haven't noticed another pattern...
>     - The system setting display resolution (actually the most annoying)
> frequently resets to lowest resolution. Lock Screen application may be
> implicated...
> - - -
> While I'm battling with these issues every day they are not
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