[nSLUG] Volunteers needed - 1, 3, and 6h commitments

Mike Doherty doherty at cs.dal.ca
Tue Jul 23 09:33:12 ADT 2013

Good morning,

Our next meeting is going to be an evening of technical talks, but I
need some help getting a few things ready.

First, we still need a second speaker. If you're interested, please get
in touch. Informal 30 or 60 minute talks on anything related to linux
would be welcome: web development, devops, security, programming... we
have wide interests. This is probably a 6h commitment - 5 to prepare,
and 1 to present.

Second, I need someone to do a bit of online advertising: The Coast
event listings would be a good start. If you have other ideas, just go
ahead and do it. This is probably a 1h commitment at most.

Third, I need some signs, posters, and flyers made. I'm physically
incapable of making things that look pretty, so I would really like to
delegate this to someone else. It'd be great to have some flyers we
could give out to newcomers, or members of like-minded organizations who
might show up. This is probably a 3h commitment.


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