[nSLUG] The H closes

Jack Warkentin jwark at bellaliant.net
Sat Jul 20 10:34:42 ADT 2013

Hi Daniel

I also had never heard of the H before, although I did know about Heise 
online. I checked out their retrospective on their 10 best articles, and 
thought the nSLUG community might be especially interested in this quote 
from Linus Torvalds at 

"I really enjoyed doing Git, it was so much fun. When I started the 
whole design, started doing programming in user space, which I had not 
done for 15 years, it was like, wow, this is so easy. I don't need to 
worry about all these things, I have infinite stack, malloc just works. 
But in the kernel space, you have to worry about locking, you have to 
worry about security, you have to worry about the hardware. Doing Git, 
that was such a relief. But it got boring."



Daniel AJ Sokolov wrote:
> I regret to have to inform you that The H is closing. :-(
> The UK team ran it for six years, but it did not find a way to make the
> website pay its way.
> "Work is taking place to create an archive to ensure that the content of
> the site will remain publicly accessible."
> http://www.h-online.com/open/news/item/The-H-is-closing-down-1920027.html
> Daniel AJ

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