[nSLUG] Re: Mounting USB stick during Slack install session: how?

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Thu Jul 18 04:05:00 ADT 2013

Stephen Gregory  wrote:

> # mknod /dev/sdb1 b 8 16

That worked. Had to re-run the usb script in /etc/rc.d to get it mounted.
All well.  Files on the thumb drive readable. Annnnnnnddd...

The Slackware setup/install scripts failed to see it. Install
completed in record time with exactly 0 packages installed.

I ended up running the package installer script manually for 10 or so
directories of files. The boot config script also failed so I hadda
rewrite lilo.conf and create fstab, then run lilo.

There may still me some flaws but the Eee pc boots into Slack 12.1 and
runs Emacs.  The rest should be a piece of penc^H^H^H^H cake as
usual. :-)

> This special file is usually created by udevd.

Yeah, only udev isn't running in the stripped system loaded at install
time.  Many handy (e.g. lsusb) tools are missing.  It's the only time
I ever use vi.

Thanks for the pointer.  I got the same suggestion on a.o.l.slackware
but without the example line of code.  Actually, following your
pointer and while it still wasn't working, I did:

# mknod /dev/sdb  b 8 16
# mknod /dev/sdb1 b 8 17

based on the observation that things are always that way in /dev.  I
don't really understand as much as I'd like about /dev/*.

- Mike

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