[nSLUG] Virtual Linux Groups

Georges Rodier georges.rodier at gmail.com
Wed Jul 17 22:40:13 ADT 2013

I am NOT, repeat NOT recommending that NSLUG adopt either of the
following media but I do want to indicate that other LUGs are using
media other than eMail lists to reach potential participants.

For example, there are presently over eighty Linux Meetup groups in the
world and more than ninety Google+ groups in the world.

VanLUG does use its website and its Meetup as well as its eMail list to
communicate with both present and potential attenders regarding
upcoming meeting and events but most conversations among members near
and far still takes place in one or another of its eMail lists.

When Meetup was first proposed and during the six months trial there
was much opposition from long-time members. However, since the
raison-d'être for any Meetup group is to arrange face-to face meetings
it has shown itself to be a good way to attract new folk to the

Granted that the only tweeting that goes on at our house is done by the
birds outside, please do give NSLUG Twitter six months to a year to
demonstrate if it can enhance, encourage and facilitate not only
interaction among current members but to attract new attendees/members
as well. By the way, does anyone know just how many LUGs do have
Twitter accounts? 

And, even were NSLUG to be the first, if it proves useful then that
would be a great thing too.

Hoping for continued health and growth for NSLUG,


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