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Georges Rodier georges.rodier at gmail.com
Tue Jul 16 12:46:23 ADT 2013

As a VanLUG member sitting on the west coast looking forward to becoming
a "merry-timer" I am, of course interested in the goings on at NSLUG.

Here VanLUG has not only the traditional eMail groups and website but
also a Meetup.com presence. Granted most of our discussions still take
place via eMail, still we have gained a number of new members via Meetup
and so find it well worth the money.

A child of VanLUG, Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo uses their Meetup almost
exclusively still maintaining a website at Ubuntu groups.

Personally, I've not yet truly explored social media and abhor Facebook
even though I just may have to create some sort of account their just to
stay in contact with my teenage grandson.

Bottom line, I'll get a Twitter account just to see how things work out
for NSLUG.

All the best from the west.


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> On 13-07-16 10:02 AM, D G Teed wrote:
> > I'm just saying twitter looks like a FAIL to those of us who don't
> > use it
> This is totally unrelated to whether we will continue to have an NSLUG
> twitter account, and I have nothing to add beyond what Ben has already
> articulated.
> It might be interesting for those of you who are up in arms that other
> people are using Twitter (or any other technology you don't use) to
> think about doing some of the following:
>   - Find out why they are doing so. Maybe there are uses you haven't
> through of; maybe there are studies on how and why people use it that
> you could read to come to a better understanding.
>   - Consider giving it a try in a safe and controlled way. For example,
> you might set up Tor and use an anonymous or pseudonymous account and
> try engaging with others using the technology. You might find it more
> valuable than you think -- or you might confirm that it isn't the right
> tool for you.
>   - Consider whether the fact that other people are using the technology
> really impacts you. If not, then it might reduce your stress levels to
> simply let them do as they see fit without asking your permission.
> -Mike
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