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Michael Gillie mikegpc at hemmysoft.com
Mon Jul 15 23:52:00 ADT 2013

I think no matter what the age, we should stick with the addage "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." That said, in regards to the COG rant earlier, you guys might be aging, but you are geeks. Let some of the younger generation expand the currently limited horizon of the NSLUG mailing list. Note that i say expand, not replace. My two cents, grammatically the way I typed it, just to see how many grammar police i might p*ss off.... Sorry guys, but this all seemed a bit silly. If it will upset some key members like Jack and Frank, maybe the best thing to do is not involve twitter at all....

Michael Gillie

On 2013-07-15, at 12:34 AM, Frank Geitzler <frank.geitzler at ns.sympatico.ca> wrote:

> On Sun, 2013-07-14 at 16:34 -0300, Douglas Guptill wrote:
>> On Sun, Jul 14, 2013 at 03:50:49PM -0300, Jack Warkentin wrote:
>>> I have no interest in involving myself with twitter, or any other
>>> so-called "social networking" site. Please continue to use the nSLUG
>>> Mailing List to communicate with members.
>> +1 from me
>> Douglas
> Count me out for "social networking" as well.  Please stick with the
> mailing list.
> Thanks.
> Frank Geitzler
>>> Mike Doherty wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> I've created an NSLUG Twitter account for us: https://twitter.com/NSLUG
>>>> Currently, the email address goes to me (do we have a mailing list for
>>>> admins I could set it to?) and only I have the password. I'm not sure
>>>> what the best way is to distribute access (or even if anyone else has
>>>> interest in tweeting through this account).
>>>> Ideas welcome
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> -Mike
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