[nSLUG] Re: Twitter account

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Mon Jul 15 00:55:40 ADT 2013

Mike Doherty <doherty at cs.dal.ca> quoth:

> I'm not sure where anyone got the idea that a Twitter account would
> replace the mailing list or something.

Of course it should not.  And you're right, no one suggest that it
should. But as to where the idea might arise...

See, it's a matter of we'uns Cranky Old Guys.  We just get used to
something, y'know, after 30 or 40 years, and "they" go and change or
even eliminate it.  As a certified COG, I would normally be happy to
hear of a new technology.  After all, I have a (now rather dated)
background as a tech/sci guy.  And sometimes new stuff -- materials,
devices, methods -- can be accommodated or even adopted to advantage.
Too often, not.

This applies most obviously to tech gadgets -- can you still buy a new
IDE HD or a thumbdrive with a write protection switch?  How about an
external serial modem?

But it happens everywhere. I was surprised a decade ago when I
discovered that you can't buy copper (or any) screen wire in the
hardware store. All upstaged by fiberglass mesh.  Canada Post has
partially replaced rural delivery with the community mailboxes
botch. You can't buy a new car that doesn't have a chipped key and
ignition switch sensor. How about a good pocket knife with a carbon
(not stainless) steel blade?

Not the place for a COG rant but we'uns COGs are more than average
alert to the possibility of some young guy improving something we've
liked for 30 years out of existence. Hasty suspicions and rejoinders

Reminds me: I have to go out and top up my lifetime supply (smaller
for a COG :-) of incandescent 100 W light bulbs.

- Mike

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