[nSLUG] Next meeting: Monday August 12 at Dal

Mike Doherty doherty at cs.dal.ca
Thu Jul 11 17:59:15 ADT 2013

Hello everyone,

At this point, I've had only enthusiastic and positive feedback on the
mailing list, and at last Monday's meeting, so it looks like we're going
ahead with a new kind of event for our next meeting on Monday August 12.

Instead of meeting at Uncommon Grounds for coffee, we'll be heading to
the Dalhousie campus for an evening of technical talks. We'll be in room
430, the Jacob Slonim Conference Room, at 5:30pm. You'll head up to the
4th floor in the elevator, and follow the signs.

We have time for two speakers that evening. To get this event off the
ground, I've already volunteered to give one talk, which will be an
introductory walkthrough of server security.

We still need a second person to speak, and NSLUG members have first
dibs on that slot. You all know the sorts of topics this group is
interested in, but let me provide a little inspiration:

 - Performance tuning (linux, apache, nginx...)
 - Performance/memory profiling (dtrace, kcachegrind, Devel::NYTProf...)
 - Web development (ruby, perl, javascript, HTML5, CSS3...)
 - Appliation development (your latest cool side-project)
 - Computer and information security (assessment, penetration...)
 - Privacy (policy, technology...)
 - Linux kernel (recent developments, little-known features...)
 - Open-source programming (perl, ruby, C, node.js...)
 - War stories (deep investigation of bugs/performance degradation...)

If you'd like to give a talk, please contact me off-list, and we'll get
that organized. Your presentation doesn't need to be super-technical,
and it doesn't have to be work you've done yourself. As long as it's
interesting, your talk is welcome. We could also split up the time into
two shorter talks if folks have smaller topics they'd like to present.

If you'd like to offer any other kind of help, I've started a task board
on https://trello.com and I'd be happy to help you find something to
work on. Please email me off-list and I'll grant you access.

Thanks for the support. The evening is coming together nicely, and I
think you'll enjoy the change of pace. I'm looking forward to it!

-Mike Doherty

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