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Michael Gillie mikegpc at gmail.com
Sun Jul 7 22:53:44 ADT 2013

I like the idea. I don't live in Halifax any more. Actually, I live in
North Eastern Nova Scotia. There is one project I am involved in as a
technician. If lodging were a possibility for speakers, i am sure i could
comtribute. Maybe not on an overly technical side, but as a bit of an
end-user meets technical installer point of view. I work in the marine
industry at this point in time, and would be interested in seeing more
linux development for the marine environment as far as plotters and
interfacing is concerned. Both on a software and a hardware point of view.

On Sunday, July 7, 2013, Richard Bonner wrote:

> On Sun, 7 Jul 2013, Mike Doherty wrote:
>  I want to put forward an idea for a new kind of event for NSLUG --
>> technically-oriented meetings, where one or several members give a talk on
>> some project they've been working on, a war story from work, or a tutorial
>> on some interesting technology.
> ***   I agree.
>  We'd need a different meeting space for this (projector, appropriate
>> seating, etc). The Dalhousie campus obviously has space we could use,
>> but it might be better to look around for a company that might host us
>> in their offices. If you work for a company that seeks Linux talent and
>> has a meeting room, you might talk to your people about offering it up.
>> The company I work for qualifies, but has no office in Halifax. In any
>> event, we should decide whether we want to do this before seeking a
>> space to do it, or anything else.
> ***   There is a new community room at Sobeys on Wyse Road. We might try
> there.
>  I'll be at the meeting tomorrow evening -- I'm sure we'll talk about
>> this more in person.
> ***   I hope to attend. See you then.
>  Richard
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