[nSLUG] Adding technical talks to the docket

Mike Doherty doherty at cs.dal.ca
Sun Jul 7 20:04:10 ADT 2013

Hi everyone,

I want to put forward an idea for a new kind of event for NSLUG --
technically-oriented meetings, where one or several members give a talk
on some project they've been working on, a war story from work, or a
tutorial on some interesting technology.

We'd need a different meeting space for this (projector, appropriate
seating, etc). The Dalhousie campus obviously has space we could use,
but it might be better to look around for a company that might host us
in their offices. If you work for a company that seeks Linux talent and
has a meeting room, you might talk to your people about offering it up.
The company I work for qualifies, but has no office in Halifax. In any
event, we should decide whether we want to do this before seeking a
space to do it, or anything else.

While getting coffee and chatting as a group is good fun, and
facilitates lots of informal sharing, I think we're missing out by only
having informal social events. I know of at least two friends who
haven't bothered coming to meetings because they're really only
interested in the meaty technical events -- the ones we don't currently

I know the typical sticking point to having organized talks is having
people to present something. I have a few talks already prepared, and I
think some of them would be of interest to the group. I'd be happy to
present at the first technical meeting, if we decide to go ahead. I know
many of you are doing interesting work as well. I would suggest
alternating between social and technical evenings to keep a good balance.

I'll be at the meeting tomorrow evening -- I'm sure we'll talk about
this more in person.

-Mike Doherty

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