[nSLUG] Re: Monday, July 8, Gathering at Uncommon Grounds

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Sun Jul 7 17:23:20 ADT 2013

Ben wrote:

> Too hot to think. So just this quick reminder about the meeting
> tomorrow:

Pushed me right over the edge, that did.  I was planning to attend but
I can't bear to leave the hot but breezy garden to drive 75 to where
it's too hot to think.

There were a mother and father ruffed grouse in the garden this
morning, accompanied by 5 cute little ones just barely old enough to
fly, with furious and poorly coordinated effort, up into a tree when
humans were spotted.  Last night a beautifully ornamented orb weaver
had spun a 10-foot wide web across our lane and was busy eating small
bugs.  Broccoli plants need weeding.  City just doesn't trump all
that. :-)

- Mike

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