[nSLUG] Installation problems, Fedora 18

Jack Warkentin jwark at bellaliant.net
Tue Jul 2 15:33:47 ADT 2013

Hi Vlado

Several others have had some good suggestions. Frank mentioned live CD's 
and Ed provided a source for Linux hardware compatibility. I would like 
to add one other possibility.

It takes a while for Linux kernels and Linux distributions to include 
drivers for very new hardware, especially with their installation 
kernel. (I had that problem several years ago - the installation kernel 
did not support all of the hardware, but the kernel that was installed 
during the installation did.) Since your hardware is very new, this 
might be the source of your problem. Ed's idea about using the latest 
possible version of Knoppix might get around such a problem. If that 
doesn't work, try the latest live CD's of various other distributions.



Vlado Keselj wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to install Fedora 18 on a new desktop (h8-1513cb HP Pavilion,
> from Costco).  After solving Windows 8 "Secure boot" problem, it seems
> that built-in Ethernet is not recognized and the display is shifted (a
> right part appears on the left side).
> Has anyone had similar problems?  Do you have any recommendations about a
> good Linux distribution for new hardware?
> Thanks,
> Vlado
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