[nSLUG] Galaxy Nexus Hacking

Daniel AJ Sokolov daniel at falco.ca
Sun Jan 27 13:48:06 AST 2013


my Galaxy Nexus has been run over by at least one motor vehicle. The
screen is dead, the glass is broken - but it still seems to work inside!
Sound, buttons, blinkenlight, vibrator, battery, charging.

I can access the data storage through USB and it probably connects to my
WiFi. Developer mode might or might not be activated. I think I set it
up so that non-certified Apps can be installed.

Is anyone of you versed in Android 4 so that you could do anything
useful with it?

My first idea: I have a nice view from my apartment. Assuming the camera
still works and there is a way to access it without using the
touchscreen, I might be able to stick it to the window and use it as a

But I have no idea how to go about this. I'm also open for other
suggestions, if someone has an interesting project idea!

Daniel AJ

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