[nSLUG] Calc file recovery help

Trina Hanson trina.hanson79 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 17:34:10 AST 2013

> > So, I was working on a calc file...
> That would be "calc" as in "SuperCalc" or "VisiCalc"?
> Viz. spreadsheet data?

***   This would be in calc as in Openoffice Calc (their spreadsheet

> .xls?...

***   I saved it as a xls file so that I could share it with Window users
using MS Office.

> Is this Ubuntu?  Windows? Not a sneering question.  I've never used a
> GUI where anything like this happens.

***   This would be Ubuntu 10.04.

> Now I'm really lost. Are you looking to Google to find a corrupted
> file on your own machine?  Or for file recovery tools or methods?  Or
> are you using Ubuntu's "Dash" [shudder] that searches the net when you
> try to search your own local filesystem?

***  I meant that I had tried doing some research on google about the
issue, however, I was unable to find anything that was of any real use.
 This is a file that is on my hard drive on my computer.

> If this is a Linux box, I would go for something like:
>    locate '*.xls*'

***   When I do this I see all the files on my computer that end in .xls.

>    locate '*.xls*' | grep [something_resembing_your_original_filename]

when I type in the following:

"locate *.xls | grep lgbtmovies.xls"

it shows me the file that I have on the desktop.

The issue here is that the file is too small to be the real file.

> Not being condescending here.  I really don't understand your context.

***   I hope this better helps you understanding of the issue. :)

Thank you for the help.

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