[nSLUG] Re: Serial drivers for Ubuntu 10.04?

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Tue Feb 5 17:11:20 AST 2013

Joel Maxuel <j.maxuel at gmail.com>  wrote:

> If GPM supports more types (which looks like it judging by Mikes
> post), you may need to use the GPM daemon for the rest of the
> protocols and see what turns up.  

The gpm manpage says:

    -t name

           Set the mouse type. Use -t help  to  get  a  list  of  allowable
           types. Since version 1.18.1, the list also shows which protocols
           are available as repeaters (see -R above), by marking them  with
           an asterisk (``*'').

           Use -t after you selected the mouse device with -m.

On my main box (Slack 11, not the one I did the mouse tach on with
Slack 12)  I get this:

nudel% /usr/sbin/gpm -t help

gpm 1.20.1 (X-Mas), Decembre 2002

Available mouse types are:

r name   synonym         description

  mman     The "MouseMan" and similar devices (3/4 bytes per packet).
            Synonyms: Mouseman

  ms       The original ms protocol, with a middle-button extension.

  acecad   Acecad tablet absolute mode(Sumagrapics MM-Series mode)

  bare     Unadorned ms protocol. Needed with some 2-buttons mice.
            Synonyms: Microsoft

  bm       Micro$oft busmice and compatible devices.
            Synonyms: BusMouse

  brw      Fellowes Browser - 4 buttons (and a wheel) (dual protocol?)

  cal      Calcomp UltraSlate

  calr     Calcomp UltraSlate - relative mode

  evdev    Linux Event Device

  exps2    IntelliMouse Explorer (ps2) - 3 buttons, wheel unused
            Synonyms: ExplorerPS/2

  js       Joystick mouse emulation
            Synonyms: Joystick

  genitizer "Genitizer" tablet, in relative mode.

  gunze    Gunze touch-screens (only button-1 events, by now)

* imps2    Microsoft Intellimouse (ps2)-autodetect 2/3 buttons,wheel

  logi     Used in some Logitech devices (only serial).
            Synonyms: Logitech

  logim    Turn logitech into Mouse-Systems-Compatible.

  mm       MM series. Probably an old protocol...
            Synonyms: MMSeries

* ms3      Microsoft Intellimouse (serial) - 3 buttons, wheel unused

  ms+      Like 'ms', but allows dragging with the middle button.

  ms+lr    'ms+', but you can reset m by pressing lr (see man page).

* msc      Mouse-Systems-Compatible (5bytes). Most 3-button mice.
            Synonyms: MouseSystems

  mtouch   MicroTouch touch-screens (only button-1 events, by now)

  ncr      Ncr3125pen, found on some laptops

  netmouse Genius NetMouse (ps2) - 2 buttons and 2 buttons

  pnp      Plug and pray. New mice may not run with '-t ms'.

* ps2      Busmice of the ps/2 series. Most busmice, actually.
            Synonyms: PS/2

  sun      'msc' protocol, but only 3 bytes per packet.

* summa    Summagraphics or Genius tablet absolute mode(MM-Series)

  syn      The "Synaptics" serial TouchPad.
            Synonyms: synaptics

  synps2   The "Synaptics" PS/2 TouchPad
            Synonyms: synaptics_ps2

  twid     Twidddler keyboard

  vsxxxaa  The DEC VSXXX-AA/GA serial mouse on DEC workstations.

  wacom    Wacom Protocol IV Tablets: Pen+Mouse, relative+absolute

  wp       Genius WizardPad tablet
            Synonyms: wizardpad

> For this test, a properly running GPM will have a mouse pointer in a
> virtual console (tty1 through tty6) that can select text (click and
> drag) and paste those contents by clicking the middle mouse button
> (or by mashing the left and right buttons at the same time if a
> middle is absent).
> Any protocol that does not work, stop the daemon (likely
> /etc/init.d/gpm stop) and start it again with the next protocol.

Right. The "-t help" option gives you quite a few choices for trial
and error tests. If you get your trackball to work with a test of 
"gpm -m /dev/ttyS0 -t [one-of-the-above]" on a console, you have at 
least a hint as to which protocol to invoke in xorg.conf.

Also worthy of note are the remarks in /etc/rc.d/rc.gpm-sample where
there is a better explanation of "repeater mode" and its relevance to X
than appears in the gmp(8) manpage for the -R option.

- Mike

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