[nSLUG] Looking for Linux wireless configurator

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Tue Dec 31 10:17:41 AST 2013

I'm looking for a wireless config on Linux which is a GUI
and can work as simply as the ones in other OSes.  I'm not
going to be with the laptops.  The users will be 9-14 years
old, connecting to a wireless point I have no knowledge of.

I'm not teaching them use of iwconfig because to master
that for any situation requires a ton of knowledge and
often google, which of course won't work until wireless is working.

The laptops are Centrino based wireless from 2004.  They are
detected by a Debian install, and the non-free driver can be
set up.  I've tried wicd from xfce desktop, testing with my
home AP and it fails to connect to WPA2 with a hex style

I'm sure if I spent a few hours poking around with
iwconfig and friends I could get it working.
That isn't a solution I can extend for the end users and
unknown AP scenarios.

I want the same solution presented on tablets,
smartphones, Mac OS, and Windows XP/7/8.
The user should merely pick an available access point
and enter the password.  The client program should be
able to figure out the other details.  Has anyone heard
of such a easy wireless client GUI for Linux?
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