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I think I missed (or there wasn't stated) a use case for this laptop?
Normal laptop use (puttering around this house for general computer use)?
Compact device for use in your workshop/studio?

If the latter, you might consider one of the system-on-a-chip setups
(mostly ARM-based) that support Linux, like Raspberry Pi (
http://www.raspberrypi.org/). Caveat with something like that is that it
probably won't be x86-based, and I vaguely recall that you have some
blacksmithing-related x86-compiled scripts from Long Ago that wouldn't work
on such a platform.

Can't beat $25, though. :)


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> Thanks all for the various opinions and pointers.  I'll be reading
> over them as I pursue the replacement-laptop project.
> Presently I'm trying, off and on, to get a borrowed netbook to run
> Slackware.  The install was awkward and didn't work as expected,
> albeit with eventual success.  But neither ethernet nor wireless
> worked.  I spent a lot of time trying various driver packages and
> looking for information before, finally, finding someone who'd worked
> on writing the appropriate drivers, could name the relevant chip sets
> and let me know that there were no stand-alone drivers for it.  To
> make it work I have to get a newer release of Slackware with newer
> kernel than the most recent I have and begin the installation again.
> I may get there yet.  In the mean time I'm keeping my eye out for an
> inexpensive laptop.  But I'd really like to avoid the kind of hassle
> described above.
> Tnx,
> - Mike
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