[nSLUG] X freeze, odd error mssg (kernel panic?)

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Wed Aug 28 20:16:15 ADT 2013


On 28/08/13 06:45 PM, Mike Spencer wrote:
>     Aug 28 15:33:27 nudel syslogd: recvfrom UNIX: Sncket opdration on
>                     non-socket

> Note odd typo made by "UNIX",  Sncket opdration
> --------------------------------^-------^------
> The Xorg log from the frozen session ends:
>     Fatal server error:
>     Caught signal 11.  Server aborting
>     (WW) I810(0): Setting the original video mode instead of re
> Yes, seems to end in media res at "...of re".
> Any thoughts on what happened when I wasn't looking?

Gremlins? Pixies?

But all those things put together make me suspect your hardware.  Look
at the nature of the "typos":

"o" is octal 157. "n" is octal 156. A single bit was flipped.

"e" is octal 145. "d" is octal 144. Again, a single bit was flipped.

Bad ram? Bad hard drive? Bad hard drive controller? Bad cabling? Each of
these things are testable.


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