[nSLUG] Bug tracking system for non-techies

Mike Doherty doherty at cs.dal.ca
Thu Aug 22 15:05:49 ADT 2013

I have had very good experiences with Trello (trello.com). I've used
this in a few classes with both technical and non-technical peers, as
well as community projects.

It's a free service that's quite intuitive to use. A project is
represented by a board (or maybe one board per phase for large
projects). Your tasks are represented by cards. Cards start in the
"to-do" column, and can be assigned to people, given due dates, etc.
When someone is working on the task, you drag the card into the "doing"
column. Once complete, you drag it into the "done" column.

The todo/doing/done progression is pretty obvious, and just about anyone
can pick it up. In my experience, learning to use trello is not a
problem, but people who aren't used to tracking their work tend to
forget to update their progress. But that'll apply to any issue tracker.


On 13-08-22 01:20 PM, Gerald Ruderman wrote:
> I would like to suggest a bug tracking system for a project where the
> users are definitely non-techies.
> Suggestions? Thanks

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