[nSLUG] Tech talks were successful!

Mike Doherty doherty at cs.dal.ca
Mon Aug 12 20:37:43 ADT 2013

The meeting tonight was a pretty great success.

I recorded both of tonight's talks with Google Hangouts, so that's
available on YouTube:

  - Server-side security war games:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MF5C2qLuqU0 (Me, Mike Doherty)
  - Writing Webapps with Perl Dancer:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RktRIqSAkWs (Yanick Champoux)

Mine is particularly bad, because I forgot to switch which window got
recorded as I switched back and forth. It's probably better to take a
look at the posts from my blog -- https://hashbang.ca/tag/natas.

Yanick's has fairly poor audio quality, unfortunately. I believe he's
going to make the slides available, particularly because he didn't get
through all of them (sorry!)

In any event, we saw a few new faces, which is great, plus a bunch of
regulars. I think the talks were well-received, and there seems to be
lots interest in doing this again for our October meeting.

In particular, we had a request to do a tutorial on the basics of the
linux command line. Is there someone who would volunteer to prepare a
half-hour talk on that topic?

Thanks to everyone who helped me out with planning. I'll be too busy to
organize the next one, so we'll need some volunteers to do preparation
for October's meeting.


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