[nSLUG] Next meeting: Mon Aug 12, 5:30pm at Dal

Yanick Champoux yanick at babyl.ca
Sat Aug 10 13:47:10 ADT 2013

On 13-08-10 11:06 AM, Mike Doherty wrote:
> So, the plan is to have a live demo, and one talk via videoconference --
> if nothing else, it may be an evening of comedy!

Indeed. It's the first time I'll use Google Hangout as a presentation 
platform, and I'm really curious to see how that will pan out. I guess, 
for better or worse, we'll discover that all together. :-)

... Oh. Oh yeah, I guess this means I should go and begin to work on my 
slides now, eh?  As Mike said, I'll be introducing Dancer, a Perl-based 
web micro-framework[1]. The presentation should be structured as a 
tutorial to ease in anybody into the world of Dancer, whenever they 
already know Perl or not. And if you already have questions, or have 
wishes on things you'd like to see touched on in the talk, please feel 
free to say so, and I'll do my best to squeeze all requests in.

[1]: http://www.perldancer.org/

See you on Friday,

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