[nSLUG] Upcoming meeting + a juicy question

Mike Doherty doherty at cs.dal.ca
Sun Aug 4 21:45:13 ADT 2013

On 13-08-04 04:58 PM, robbie macg wrote:
> Hey gang,
> 1- I'm starting to get really psyched for this month's meet up! I've
> just changed jobs, no longer have to work Monday nights, will be able
> to attend NSLUG events on the regular!

Glad to hear you're looking forward to it. I am too -- I was just doing
a practice run for my session earlier today. I'm hoping it hits the
right level for most people.

> I wasn't able to get my act in gear this time around, but I might
> pitch a brief talk about the use of fail2ban to thwart botnets for
> next month. Anybody else have to do anything fun/interesting during
> that big WordPress attack this summer?

I think a talk about fail2ban would be a great idea. Maybe we should set
aside some time on the 12th for people to pitch to the group. It might
also be nice for people to come with suggested topics they'd like to
hear about, and we'll see if anyone is interested in addressing it.

Another idea that got mentioned on IRC earlier was instead of trying to
find two full-length speakers each time (I've struck out on getting a
2nd speaker from NSLUG this time around), we could try having lightning
talks. So, do one hour-long talk, and set aside 20-30 minutes for people
who want to give shorter 5-minute teasers, or to cover topics that only
need that long.

-Mike Doherty

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